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In Home Caregivers Recommend Every Day is Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2019 by Alan White

Valentine’s Day is here again, so be sure to celebrate it with every special person in your life, not just your significant other. In fact, what is Valentine’s Day? Theoretically, it is a Christian Feast of Saints honoring one or more named Valentinus. It has culturally been commercialized into a day of proclaiming love. However, professional in home caregivers in Gainesville remind us that our aging parents enjoy being told that their children and grandchildren still love them, no matter what day of the week or month it is. Sometimes families get so wrapped up in their daily routines they forget to say the simple words or make an effort to go the extra mile.

Many in home caregivers have heard parents remark they aren’t sure if their children have stopped by because they enjoy visiting with them or just to check up on them. Mom or dad would prefer that their sons or daughters stop by to visit because they want to spend time together, to show their love and affection. This gift of sharing time does not have to be reserved for special occasions like birthdays and holidays and February 14th - any day, anytime, can be special.

Just as your mother or father knew what you liked growing up, remembering what your favorite color was, or what you wanted to eat, or even the style of clothes you liked to wear, if you can remember what your parent’s favorite things are you can surprise them with a little token. Be aware and share their interests. This is another opportunity to tell mom or dad I love you too.

Do something special for mom or dad or let them do something special for you. Too often as parents age, families don’t let them participate in giving. Adult children assume they must initiate gestures. In home caregivers suggest that your loved one is still capable of creating a Valentine’s Special Day for you too. Allow them the joy of spreading the love from their heart to yours and remember that creating special moments like these can happen any day, not just on Valentine’s Day.


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