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Elder Home Care Aides Share Pneumonia Prevention Tips

Jan 17, 2019 by Alan White

Cold weather and flu season are often related to the potential dangers of pneumonia.  Elder home care professionals suggest that although the weather change and the dry heat from furnaces may stimulate illnesses, pneumonia for your parent can be a year-round threat.  However, if you and your parent are aware of ways to prevent this disease you can be one step ahead with a wellness plan.  To begin with, it is important to know that individuals like mom or dad, age sixty-five and older, are more susceptible to pneumonia.  As they age the capacity of their lungs weakens, that is the reality.  If your parent has another health issue such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, thyroid immune deficiencies, they may be more sensitive.


Knowing the symptoms of pneumonia:

Although fever and chills may be the flu, for a senior it is more likely to lead to pneumonia if not treated correctly immediately.  One major symptom to be alerted to is respiratory and breathing issues.  If your mom or dad is usually an active adult, are you noticing that they are confused, experiencing dizziness, and are more agitated than usual?  If so, elder home care aides in Gainesville, GA would recommend that these symptoms may be leading to a pneumonia diagnosis, and treatment is imminent. However, if your loved one is experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s, it may be difficult to identify and alerting yourself to the change in their breathing and body movements should provide you with the cue for assistance.

Practicing good hygiene is something everyone should do and elder home care specialists cannot stress this enough to your parents.  It is also important that your mother and father maintain excellent personal hygiene such as washing their hands and keeping their environment clean and germ-free. 

Flu shots and pneumonia shots are available and often covered by Medicare.  It is in your mom or dad’s best interest that they receive their immunizations.  There is no guarantee this will prevent the disease however if they do get ill it should lessen the severity. 


These few simple hints should keep your parents breathing and feeling healthy.


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