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Driving And Your Aging Loved Ones In Gainesville, GA

Aug 31, 2018 by Alan White

The ability to drive (legally) is one of the earliest feelings of independence that many of us experience in life. If you had places to be, you were no longer dependent on others. That feeling of freedom doesn’t subside as we age but as we age, the risks of driving increase. Whether it’s worsening vision, aches, pains, or limitations in movement, driving safely should still be a priority. However, driving troubles aren’t a signal for your senior loved one to give up their driving freedoms. With a few proactive lifestyle changes, seniors can stay independent and safe behind the wheel.

A Few Driving Safety Tips:

  • Regular Exercise – Regular activity and exercise is a great way to improve strength and flexibility. Turning the wheel and being able to more easily check traffic are just a couple of the benefits of exercise. Seniors should consult a doctor about starting a workout schedule.
  • Routine Eye Exams – If your senior loved one had vision problems recently or hasn’t checked their eyes recently, it’s worth meeting with their local eye care professional for a checkup. If they don’t have one, the North Georgia Eye Clinic is a great option. And with vision as a crucial part of driving, eye care should be a priority.
  • Hearing Tests – Hearing is just as important to safe driving as vision and should also be checked. Your loved one should meet with a hearing specialist to see if hearing aids are needed or current ones need adjusted.
  • Vehicle checkup or upgrade – Newer cars have a lot of fantastic features that make driving much easier for everyone, included seniors. If your loved one is driving around an older vehicle they should consider an upgrade. Power adjusted seats, warning signals, and backup cams are just a few of the many features that newer cars can provide to older drivers.
  • Plan trips – Avoid travelling at night, during inclement weather, and around heavy traffic periods like morning and evening rush periods. If older persons are travelling to new locations, stops should be planned accordingly. And when possible, check the traffic alerts to avoid heavily congested areas which can delay travels.

These are just a few of the many ways that seniors can ensure their safety on the road. No one wants to give up something as important as living independently and these tips should help your senior family members maintain their safety on the road and travel with ease.

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