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Elderly Home Care Can Help Your Loved One After a Stroke

Dec 8, 2017 by Alan White

A stroke on its own is frightening. For older adults, a stroke can mean serious complications. If your loved one has suffered from a stroke, you are probably familiar with the uncertainty afterwards. Medical staff may not be able to tell you what will happen in the next month, week, or even day. Your loved one may have lost the ability to communicate properly or some motor function. If you are concerned about your elderly loved one’s health after their stroke, elderly home care can help add some consistency and safety.

It’s not uncommon for stroke patients to be treated very similarly. A 48-hour stay to make sure they’re not suffering from severe complications, and then you’re loved one is released and you are on the hook to make sure they are well cared-for. Hospitals may direct you or your loved one to rehabilitation programs, but especially for older adults, certain impairments can be permanent. Your mother may lose their eyesight or develop paresthesia (a persistent pricking feeling). Some people lose bladder control or develop chronic pain. These are not cases your loved one can just get over once their hospital stay has ended, which is where elderly home care comes in.

Elderly home care is a flexible service that you or your loved one can coordinate to let them live at home independently, with assistance tailored to their needs. Depending on the effects of the stroke, your loved one may need something like light housekeeping assistance or transportation to regularly-scheduled activities. Alternatively, they may have difficulty moving and need the ability to call for help in case they are stuck. They may also need personal care services, like toileting assistance, bathing, or feeding. Home care programs can cover all of these, and are customized specifically based on your loved one’s needs.

After stroke care is different for everyone. If you would like an in-home consultation, contact Comfort Keepers today.

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